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Humor: The Weapon Against All Absurdities
What About Hope?

What About Hope?

I know of a man that died recently. He was three months shy of turning one-hundred and one. He was an alcoholic. Born in 1915 after the advent of the first world war, he lived through the Depression, the second world war, and the terrorists' attacks on September...

Bite of Courage Podcast

with Mo Vear

Bite of Courage is a podcast about ordinary people aspiring to live their best, most authentic life by overcoming vulnerability and fear. It’s about finding our courage and sharing our stories so we can be who we’re truly meant to be, and discovering in the process that we’re a lot more similar than we are dissimilar.


About Mo Vear

After working for some of the funniest and most creative people in the entertainment business, Mo Vear was hired as the Director of Development for Underworld Entertainment, a production company at Universal Studios. While helping other writers develop their materials into screenplays and manuscripts, she discovered her passion for writing and editing. This led her back to her hometown of Chicago and DePaul University where received a Master of Arts in writing.

Mo spends most of her time sharing other people’s stories about courage and hope on her podcast, Bite of Courage. She is also a blogger for her website, where she writes about serious topics with a humorous twist. She previously freelanced as a writer on various projects for clients in the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Vietnam.