Episode #12: Elaine Gabalac – Living With Epilepsy

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Can accepting and embracing your adversities be the key to living out your wildest dreams?

Empowered and impassioned, my guest, Elaine Gabalac, opens up for the first time about living with epilepsy.

Diagnosed at the age of fourteen, Elaine was angry, sad and scared. She just wanted her life back. But things had to get a lot worse before she realized that the very thing destroying her life, was also the very thing she needed to embrace–and that thing was fear.

“Fear is useless,” she says. “You can’t summon courage to meet fear from a place of emptiness.”

Grateful now for having epilepsy, it’s taught Elaine how to accept and embrace adversity and how to overcome fear.

“Now I can catch all that is good and within my reach. I can enjoy the little things in life. That’s the art of living,” she says. “But it’s a choice. Healing is a choice; faith is a choice; courage is a choice.”

Life is a choice.

We have “one life,” says Mark Nepo.

“Just one. Why aren’t we running like we’re on fire towards our wildest dreams?”

Give yourself the chance to live the life you’re dreaming about. Run like you’re on fire and listen to today’s episode of Bite of Courage at my website here. For linking to your favorite podcast app, click here.

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Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Daring, and take a bite of courage.

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