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Episode #18: Chicago Nurse, Alicia Bean, Isolates Fear to Find Joy


 How do you isolate fear to find joy? My guest today is Alicia Bean. One of our country’s frontline nurses in Chicago, Alicia is putting her life at risk in an effort to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. She is generously blessed with humility, compassion, and determination to care for others and is […]

Episode #17: Judi Langley–Life, Love, Marriage–One Woman’s Journey


 How do you move forward in love, marriage, and difficult times? My initial intention for today’s episode was to talk to my guest, Judi Langley, about her twenty-five year marriage to her husband, Gotham. I quickly realized, however, that Judi is one of those people who has as much knowledge as she does depth, […]

Podcast Update: Moving Forward


  A lot has transpired between my last podcast and the one airing tomorrow–specifically, COVID-19. It’s making us feel uncertain and unsafe. These feelings aren’t new, of course, but our experience of them now is unprecedented. This is hard–all of it, and COVID-19 is the motherlode of hard. The pain is real. I know one […]

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