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Podcast Update: Moving Forward


  A lot has transpired between my last podcast and the one airing tomorrow–specifically, COVID-19. It’s making us feel uncertain and unsafe. These feelings aren’t new, of course, but our experience of them now is unprecedented. This is hard–all of it, and COVID-19 is the motherlode of hard. The pain is real. I know one […]

A Masterpiece In The Garden Of Us


The temperature in the hotel room was seventy degrees. A little cool for me, but I had on my lovely flannel pajamas and matching winter hat, plus, I turned up the thermostat a couple notches when my husband, Andy, and my two boys, Danny and Mark, left for the pool. It was late, but after […]

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Humor Post.2.17.17.QuestionEverything

I recently saw a series of lithographs by French painter, printmaker, and caricaturist, Honore-Victorin Daumier. His prolific work focuses mostly on social commentary and political satire in France during the mid-1800s, but his message is timeless. It made me think. And laugh. And question: Does history repeat itself? Below are two of his Lithographs from […]

Humor Me With Mo