Episode #10: Liv Gazzolo – Jazz Vocalist

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How do you find the courage to trust your heart?

Today’s podcast is why I appreciate talking to young(er) people.

Bucking convention, Livia Gazzolo decided to forgo college and pursue her dreams. Imagining what life could look like, Liv said, “it just felt right.” She didn’t think about what anyone would or wouldn’t say. She just told herself to “do it.” There was no question in her mind. 

Now a musician and jazz vocalist with a residency at the Atwood Cafe in downtown Chicago, she also produces a monthly cabaret variety show at The Mouse House called “When the Cat’s Away.” 

Talking to Liv made me realize that so many of the things that keep me from answering my call to courage are the very things that Liv is calling on her courage to ignore.

Here’s a short clip of one of Liv’s songs called “Dream.”


Until next time,

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Daring and take a bite of courage.

And remember: Spirit is invincible–at every age, so here’s to answering your call to courage and listening to the music of your heart.

See you next week.



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