Episode #6: Lesia Stockall Cartelli – Speaker, Author, and Founder & CEO of Angel Faces

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If Brene Brown is right about vulnerability being the most accurate measurement of courage, then my guest today is a living example of it. Lesia Stockall Cartelli is a speaker, author and the Founder & CEO of Angel Faces, a nonprofit organization for burn and trauma patients.

Lesia learned first-hand about this kind of trauma after suffering from disfiguring burns over 50% of her body during a natural gas explosion as a child. Determined to not be known as the “burn girl,” she learned how to be grateful in the face of rejection, and brave in the face of fear, by suiting up in full fire-fighting regalia and running into a burning building.

Turning her pain into her life’s purpose so she could help others to heal from the inside out, Lesia discovered that vulnerability was the key to unlocking her courage: “What happened to me, isn’t who I am and when I’m vulnerable, I’m never going to leave me.”

An unforgettable story (which she chronicles in her book, Heart of Fire), Lesia offers tangible solutions for learning how to transform vulnerability into courage and how small changes in our lives can lead to living out our heart’s desire.

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