Episode #7: Skyla Stillo – High School Senior, Suicide Survivor, Mental Health and Fashion Blogger

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Are you the most beautiful person in the room?

If you’re confident, the answer is, Yes!

Being confident takes courage, which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you to my guest, Skyla Stillo.

Skyla is a senior in high school. Beautiful from the inside out, she’s as confident as they come, but being confident didn’t come easy. While Brene Brown says that courage is “risking it all to get it right,” Skyla’s risking it all could have cost her her life.

After surviving an attempted suicide, Skyla found the courage to face life like a true warrior. With the love and support of family and friends, she’s learning how to persevere, how to share her story, how to show the world that the lows in life are not weaknesses–but strengths, and, how to not feel ashamed for being who she’s meant to be. She even created her own blog, unlabeled.blog, where she writes about self-love, mental health, and fashion. “It’s not who you wear,” she says. “It’s who you are.”

So, in honor of mental health awareness this month, I’m proud to introduce you to this incredibly courageous, amazingly confident young woman. Although unintended, her getting it right has made her a beacon of light and a symbol of courage to me, and to everyone she meets.

Until next time, remember:

In a world full of undiscovered treasures, you are a gift–an original. Think about that. In the whole wide world, there’s no one else like you. It’s mind-blowing, really. So, challenge yourself.

Take a bite of courage, a deep breath and wear your confidence into the next room you enter. With a warm smile, your head held high, say hello. BE YOU: bold, brave, humble, and maybe even a little afraid. You’ll be the most beautiful person in the room. You may even be the reason why someone else doesn’t give up.