Is Prison Better Than Marriage?

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One man thinks so.

I read an article the other day.

A seventy-year old, Kansas City man walked into a bank and handed a note to a Teller that read: ” I have a gun, give me money.”

After the Teller proceeded to hand over cash, the man, instead of running, sat down with his loot and told the security guard to arrest him.

“I’d rather go to prison than go home and live with my wife!” he said.


It’s Funny

Because it’s true.

Because anyone who’s honest, who’s been married long enough can relate to what this guy was going through.

I can’t say I’m willing to test out his theory, but I can see how prison might not be so bad sometimes.

Oddly, the thought of it gives me a great sense of security.

I’d love three square meals a day and someone making my decisions for me.

I’m sure my husband would enjoy that too, along with some peace and quiet.

Marriage is Tough

On both people.

Are there days I feel like escaping and getting into my car and driving to nowhere?

Yep – usually in the winter when I have to shovel my way out of the house.

And I’m sure there are days when my husband would rather get his teeth scraped than come home to me and our two prepubescent teenage boys.

But I have to believe that the worst day in marriage is better than the best day in prison because despite feeling trapped at times, I still have the freedom to choose.

To change my worse into better, my poorer into richer, and my sickness into health.

It’s because I’m not imprisoned that I have the freedom to choose, to ask for help, and to work with a spouse who’s willing to work with me in good times and bad.

That gives me a greater capacity to live my best life.

So here’s to admitting and accepting that marriage is tough.

Life is tough and bank robbery is never the answer, but it’s always an option.

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